Caroline Harbord

Caroline Harbord

Welcome to Inflection

Harnessing the power of words

Inflection provides mobile, freelance marketing expertise to complement your existing in-house resources. We have helped companies of all sizes achieve outstanding results through their marketing strategy. From branding and identity to website creation, internal communications or even simple copywriting, we can make a real difference to bottom line profits.

The one thing that sets human beings apart from other animals is our ability to communicate. We can not only talk to each other in many different languages, but we can write our ideas down and communicate them to people who aren’t in the same room, or in the same country or even in the same century. Our ability to communicate is amazing.

The one thing that sets successful businesses apart, is the strength of their relationships with their customers. These relationships are built on a foundation of good communications.

At Inflection we believe that marketing strategy begins with good communications.

Everything you say about your company, your brand identity, your tone of voice, the media you use to reach your audience and the marketing tools you choose, all create an impression about your business and about your brand. Getting it right creates competitive advantage, builds customer loyalty, prevents price comparison and generates sales.